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Hello Im Lorraine been married to Ian for 22 years...I live in Edinburgh with my husband 2 boys, Iam very lucky as I get to see my Grandson Leon (nearly 4) and my Grandaughter Poppy(5 months) every day...

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Ive been tagged by Denise;
Here's what you have to doYou have to write 20 facts about yourself on your blog and then tag 5 more people;

1. I Live in Edinburgh
2. I Live with my 3 kids,hubby & grandson
3. I have 2 cats, Bramble and Scratchy
4. I support Hibernian Football Team
5. Love Take That so much I named my youngest son Gary
6. I enjoy making cards, and cross stitch
7. I have a tattoo of a cat on my upper arm
8. I'd love to have my own craft room
9. Love spending time with my family and having a laugh
10. Love camping holidays especially Devon
11. I have a twin brother
12. I enjoy making new friends especially on Docrafts
13. My family tell me I'm a rubbish singer but I think i might've won xfactor if I'd applied.lol
14. I'm obsessed with cleaning and like everything to be tidy
15. I passed my driving test on my 3rd attempt
16. I love a bargain especially crafty ones
17. All I ask for in Life is for my family to be happy then I will be
18. My favourite colour is Pink
19. I love chocolate
20. I believe in good manners, after all they are free..

Now I'm going to tag Kay, Minah, Jennie, Bagpuss & Lisa


jennie'g' said...

lors love your 15 answers jenniexx

kay said...

great answers lors,do i need to do the same and provide 20 answers and tag 5 people?still new to this.x

tartantaz said...

Hi Lors, thanks for dropping by my blog, interesting facts about you, as you probably saw I have a list of ready made questions I answered that I got from claires cards blog. Nice to put a face to a name, do drop by anytime. So how did you get tagged? and could I do it to others to get everyone joining in?

T x