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Hello Im Lorraine been married to Ian for 22 years...I live in Edinburgh with my husband 2 boys, Iam very lucky as I get to see my Grandson Leon (nearly 4) and my Grandaughter Poppy(5 months) every day...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Good Evening..i do apologise i have recently neglected my blog, been very busy at home..looking after my 15 yr old son, who had an operation last tuesday to remove his appendix..please bear with me as i try to catch up....thanks...Lorsx


kay said...

hi lors,as long as your son and you are ok,that is the main thing.

tartantaz said...

Hi Lors, I hope you and your son are ok, thats all that matters. Your blog can wait and we are very patient too so we can also wait.

T x

carol said...

aah i hope he's recovering quickly, young people are very resilient. x carol